[RPZ] RPZ seen at MAAWG

Eric Ziegast ziegast at isc.org
Wed Oct 6 14:54:31 UTC 2010

I gave a pretty good presentation at MAAWG for RPZ.  Jonathan thanked
me.  Ferg gave me a great intro.  A few people thought it was a really
good talk - even someone who thought he knew everything about RPZ
already told me that could not look down at his laptop when I talked.
 Unlike the DNSSEC talk, I was the expert here.  Here are a few things
that need to be addressed:

#### Directing removals

  $ dig www.SOMEDOMAIN.BAD a @nsa.vix.com
  ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 13342

  rpz.surbl.org. 180 IN SOA dev.null. zone.surbl.org. (
                                 1286371502 180 180 604800 180)

Ok, so www.mecom.ae is in the SURBL RPZ.  If I were mecom.ae, how
would I get off?  Where do I go?  Knowing a DNS RFC about SOA racords,
you might email <zone at surbl.org>.  Should we create some other
standard? like have a TXT record at the base of the zone that people
can use to figure out where to go (website, phone number, etc.)?

Best practices for DNSBL are being written in IETF's ASRG.  We should
probably have someone attend/present at the next IETF and make sure
they consider RPZ as part of their healthy breakfast.

#### ISC does not publish any RPZ or give perception of publishing

 2.2. The remainder of the zone is expressions of DNS policy.
   The owner name of a Response Policy Zone resource record set
   (RRset) is the relativised name of the domain name about which
   policy is being expressed.  For example, in a policy zone called
   RPZ.ISC.ORG, an RRset at WWW.VIX.COM.RPZ.SIE.ISC.ORG would affect
   responses to lookups of WWW.VIX.COM.  DNS RPZ RRset owner names
   can be wildcarded according to normal rules, for example
   *.VIX.COM.RPZ.ISC.ORG would affect responses for any subdomain of
   VIX.COM.  This means that in order to affect both a domain and
   its subdomains, policy must be entered for both that domain and
   its wildcard subdomain.

Let's find something else beside ISC.ORG.  With Jeff's blassing, maybe
we can use SURBL here or some other willing participant (eg: just
RPZ.VIX.COM or some other straw-man domain).

#### SuperWildcard

The limitation of wildcard records could be an issue.  I one lists:
   mecom.ae.@ IN A .
   *.mecom.ae.@ IN A .

How does one take care of www.qatar.mecom.ae without specifically
listing *.qatar.mecom.ae in the zone?  Do we need a Super Wildcard
capability in zone file specifications that matches all sub-domains?
not just the current level?

#### A website

Directing people to the Vixie Blog just isn't scalable.  Perhaps I
should setup a sub-site off http://www.isc.org/solutions and include
presentation material?

#### Who's implementing?

I told someone that I will be speaking again at ISOI 8, and that I
will have a list of RPZs that advertise themselves on this mailing
list, and that I will have an update on software that supports RPZ or
has plans to support RPZ.  It would be great if everyone was willing
to implement RPZ technology into their products.  Once someone sees
the BIND source diffs and understand the specs, I expect that they'll
realize it's not hard.  Commercial DNS software might already have a
similar capability, and as long as they can import an RPZ zone and
make their product work similarly, they're part of the ecosystem.  If
some vendors choose not to participate, their lack of presence will be
"interesting" to those that provide RPZ-enabled services.

If you plan on creating an RPZ, let the list know.  SURBL has a beta
for people to test.  We'd like to see more.

If you plan to implement RPZ in your software (DNS recursive server or
integrate a product with a nearby recursive server), let the list know.

#### What's the timeline for the RDATA IP4/IP6/NS improvements?

I presented an improved version of the WIDE slides.  It's good stuff.
 I'd like to see it implemented.  What's the time line?

Is RPZ getting into BIND 9.7.3? and if so, is it the first RHSBL
technology? or the full RDATA functionality?

Eric Ziegast

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