[RPZ] Public RPZ zones?

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 16:35:34 UTC 2011


Paul referenced a number of RPZ today on bind-users in his example:

> 	response-policy {
> 		zone "dns-policy.vix.com";
> 		zone "rpz.surbl.org";
> 		zone "rpz.spamhaus.org";
> 		zone "block.c2.rpz.umbradata.com";
> 		zone "hh.c2.rpz.umbradata.com";
> 		zone "active.nx.rpz.iidrpz.net";
> 		zone "dga.nx.rpz.iidrpz.net";
> 	};

I had a glance at SURBL's pricing model: USD 1000.00 p.a. for an
individual or small organization "surprised" me a bit, but I suppose you
get what you pay for. :) [For the record, Spamhaus quickly gave me
complimentary access to their RPZ zone.]

Is there a list of other RPZ providers or must I use my favorite search



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