[RPZ] DNSRPZ Deployments ....

Barry Greene bgreene at isc.org
Tue Oct 4 01:49:13 UTC 2011

Hi Team,

BIND 9.8.1 is out. We now have a "non-zero" version of BIND that we can encourage people to upgrade. This means we can work on empowering people with the value of DNSRPZ as part of their security tool kit. 

We're doing a webinar on Oct 12th that would be focused on deployment models, use cases, and examples (three times on Oct12 in multiple time zones). 

If you are a DNSRPZ "Provider" and wish to have a slide about your service and/or speak, please let me know. For example, SURBL provided a slide that we use in our DNSRPZ slides. 

If you are a DNSRPZ "subscriber" who has deployed DNSRPZ and would like to walk through deployment experiences, also please let me know. 

Please forward suggestions on how we can get the word out and help convince networks to considers DNSRPZ in their security tool kit.  



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