[RPZ] ThreatSTOP offering RPZ zones of our feeds (beta test)

Francis Turner francis at threatstop.com
Wed Jun 6 13:55:36 UTC 2012



I am pleased to announce that we (err me mostly) at ThreatSTOP have
finally got our stuff together and can create RPZ zone versions of our
IP reputation feeds. At least I think we can, in that it works for us.
If anyone else would be interested in testing the feeds please contact
by email me so I can share a TSIG key, set up NOTIFY to your server etc.


We are offering for trial our "basic", "Botnet", "unix server" and
"advanced" feeds. 

Basic is primarily based off Dshield

Botnet is our botnet C&C feed

Unix Serer is our SSH cracking feed

Advanced is pretty much everything else


There is overlap between the feeds but it is worth subscribing to all
four if you have the capacity to do so. We will probably add additional
feeds later.


Disclaimers/small print:

Right now the rpz distribution of these feeds is being offered for free
so we can work out RPZ issues, normally we would expect to charge for
the service and once we leave this initial testing/beta period we will
do so (although fees may be waived at our discretion for certain
subscribers). There is effectively no documentation of the feeds offered
at present beyond a very basic readme. While I hope to keep the feeds
updated properly during the test period I cannot guarantee that they
will be updated, will work with your DNs server etc. etc.  and I make
absolutely no guarantees about the length of time we will be offering a


Share & Enjoy




Francis J.M. Turner 

VP Product Management & OEM - http://www.threatstop.com/
ThreatSTOP <http://www.threatstop.com/>    "Stop Botnets Stealing from
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