[RPZ] RPZ: a trial: preliminary results very positive

Hugo Maxwell Connery hmco at env.dtu.dk
Wed Oct 17 16:34:33 UTC 2012


We've been running RPZ live for 4 weeks with Spamhaus' feed.

* No false positives (the trial was publically announced with encouragement
  for people to complain if they thought they were being inappropriately censored;
  1 complaint; was valid censoring).

* ~5000 blocked requests (as reported by our CNAME/walled garden web site).  ie. ~160 per day

* 76 domains were blocked (i.e lots of requests to those 76)

* 60+ computers were 'protected'

We're a small organisation (~ 150 people).

Meanwhile our university has undergone a little bit a heightened threat from phishing
and other attacks.  The university's security organisation is becoming more interested
in RPZ as a component of their general defence.

Hats off to P. Vixie / ISC, and many thanks to Spamhaus.

Hugo Connery, Head of IT, DTU Environment

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