[RPZ] Promoting RPZ: feedback request

Hugo Connery hugonautical at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 22:07:57 UTC 2013


Eric Zeigast has established a portal for links
to relevant resources for RPZ at

I wish to gather feedback from the interested community
about which efforts should be prioritized for encouraging
greater uptake of RPZ.

(Anti-Disclaimer: I am an interested and independent person; not
being paid by anyone to do this).

A collection of ideas was gathered at a recent conference (M3AAWG)
and are described in:



1. Please read / skim that document.

2. Respond with any comments on those ideas (with section number and
section title in the mail Subject line).

E.g Subject: 4.1 BIND: ESV

  Bad idea.  Nobody needs an Extended Support Version.

3. Respond with *new* ideas.  Include a name for your idea in the subject,
prefixed by 'Suggestion'.

E.g Subject: Suggestion: UFO identification

  By connecting BIND to the SETI project, with assistance from NASA, we
  could enable global notification of the discovery of extra-terrestrials.

I will be distilling feedback towards the 'ideas' document
which will be updated at https://dnsrpz.info and raised for feedback
at the next M3AAWG conference.  Updates will be announced to
this list.

Action has already begun on some ideas.

Community feedback on any/all ideas is __greatly desired__.

Regards,  Hugo
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