[RPZ] Promoting RPZ: feedback (Day 1)

Hugo Connery hugonautical at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 14:43:48 UTC 2013


Vernon's suggestion of a link to the list archives from dnsrpz.info is
implemented (obviously a good idea and trivial to implement).

Joe St Sauver's extended list of suggestions was wonderful.  They have been
incorporated into the roadmap doc (

Included ideas are:

* naming (DNS Firewall is not bad; can we do better?)
* targeted communication (talk to the security people, not the DNS/network
* testimonials (we need more than one!)
* continuously available public data (data drives uptake, not technology)
* filter control / collateral damage (how to 'whitelist' easily)

@Joe; if I have missed any key points, or misrepresented any, please let me

I am already working on two of those (testimonials, whitelisting), and its
great to have them listed in the roadmap along with the others.

Fantastic response in < 24 hours.

We have had no "that's a dumb idea" yet.  Please do shoot down any silly

Please continue to provide other good ideas.

I will update the document, and continue to provide feedback on progress
against these ideas.

Thanks to all,

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