[RPZ] Which 'options' section does the RPZ config go in?

ixloran at sent.at ixloran at sent.at
Fri Mar 29 23:10:55 UTC 2013


On Fri, Mar 29, 2013, at 03:24 PM, Alan Doherty wrote:
> so basically your server would pull only (unless other downstream
> internals wish to axfr/ixfr from it to save external bandwith)

WIth that comment, I understood that - by default - the svr already
accepts notify from masters.   So I don't need to enable anything else.

> in each
> (but why you would want to resolve dns for the general public i dare not guess)
> (as opposed to serving your own domains authoritivly)

I wouldn't.  It was just rhetorical to figure out what goes where, when.

I cleared out the /slave/* data, and restarted to the svr to see the

So far, I *am* seeing the drop.rpz.spamhaus.org.zone transfer & appear,
along with drop.rpz.spamhaus.org.zone.jnl
, in my /slave dir.

But no trace of rpz.spamhaus.org.zone after ~ 20 mins.  Trying to figure
out what's different.


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