[RPZ] Which 'options' section does the RPZ config go in?

ixloran at sent.at ixloran at sent.at
Sat Mar 30 19:44:48 UTC 2013

Hi April

Thanks for the explanation.

On Sat, Mar 30, 2013, at 08:53 AM, April Lorenzen wrote:
> maybe they just keep doing that pulling from a db to generate even a file that
> hasn't changed and isn't getting high frequency updates.

I personally don't *know* that's the case, but it seems to act like that
.  The updates to drop.rpz dont actually seem to be changing anything in
terms of content other than the serial numbers.

> The brilliance of nsupdate is that like an incremental transfer, just the
> changed (added or dropped) records get send to the
> master BIND with RPZ ... there's no zone reload, closer-to-zero
> propagation delay and you'd only get an IXFR if there's a change.

Then other than the "why are they updating drop.rpz so much more often
than rpz.?" question, I guess this doesn't matter.   Or at least it
doesn't cause any actual problem.

The RPZ tests now work for BOTH drop.rpz and rpz zones, and I'm getting
no errors anymore.


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