[RPZ] 9.9.3-rpz2+rl.150.20 fails to launch "due to assertion failure"

darx+dnsrpz at sent.com darx+dnsrpz at sent.com
Fri May 31 01:03:50 UTC 2013

I've built bind with the latest RPZ+RL patches

  BIND 9.9.3-rpz2+rl.150.20

no issues on the build, but at launch, using the same config that
successfully launches with 9.9.2-P2+patches, it fails with "exiting (due
to assertion failure)",

@ systemctl start named.service

	2013-05-30T17:32:01.697967-07:00 core systemd[1]: Starting Bind9
	DNS Server...
	2013-05-30T17:32:02.009277-07:00 core
	setup-named-chroot.sh[15987]: mknod:
	‘/var/chroot/named/dev/null’: File exists
	2013-05-30T17:32:02.011847-07:00 core
	setup-named-chroot.sh[15987]: mknod:
	‘/var/chroot/named/dev/random’: File exists
	2013-05-30T17:32:02.015143-07:00 core
	setup-named-chroot.sh[15987]: mknod:
	‘/var/chroot/named/dev/urandom’: File exists
	2013-05-30T17:32:16.768821-07:00 core sshd[16016]: Accepted
	publickey for root from port 1022 ssh2
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.466169-07:00 core named[16118]: starting
	BIND 9.9.3-rpz2+rl.150.20 -t /var/chroot/named -n 4 -S 1024 -u
	named -c /etc/named.conf
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.469719-07:00 core named[16118]:
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.471321-07:00 core named[16118]: BIND 9 is
	maintained by Internet Systems Consortium,
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.472842-07:00 core named[16118]: Inc. (ISC),
	a non-profit 501(c)(3) public-benefit
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.474114-07:00 core named[16118]: corporation.
	 Support and training for BIND 9 are
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.475447-07:00 core named[16118]: available at
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.476816-07:00 core named[16118]:
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.478161-07:00 core named[16118]: adjusted
	limit on open files from 4096 to 1048576
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.479525-07:00 core named[16118]: found 4
	CPUs, using 4 worker threads
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.480993-07:00 core named[16118]: using 4 UDP
	listeners per interface
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.482392-07:00 core named[16118]: using up to
	1024 sockets
-->     2013-05-30T17:32:34.487118-07:00 core named[16118]:
parser.c:2432: REQUIRE(prev > 0) failed
-->     2013-05-30T17:32:34.488877-07:00 core named[16118]: exiting (due
to assertion failure)
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.490414-07:00 core systemd[1]: named.service:
	control process exited, code=exited status=1
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.492604-07:00 core systemd[1]: Failed to
	start Bind9 DNS Server.
	2013-05-30T17:32:34.494764-07:00 core systemd[1]: Unit
	named.service entered failed state
	2013-05-30T17:32:35.493076-07:00 core systemd[1]: named.service
	holdoff time over, scheduling restart.
	2013-05-30T17:32:35.494899-07:00 core systemd[1]: Stopping Bind9
	DNS Server...


	cat ./lib/isccfg/parser.c
		 * Destroy 'obj', a configuration object created in
		cfg_obj_destroy(cfg_parser_t *pctx, cfg_obj_t **objp) {
		    cfg_obj_t *obj;
2432        unsigned int refs;

		    REQUIRE(objp != NULL && *objp != NULL);
		    REQUIRE(pctx != NULL);

Since it's patched, I'm checking here 1st ... 

Happy to provide any add'l info to help troubleshoot this.


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