[DNSfirewalls] RPZ and client perception

Vernon Schryver vjs at rhyolite.com
Sun Jul 6 18:31:53 UTC 2014

> From: "David A. Evans" <Evans_David_A at cat.com>

> appear to be related to the RPZ and the amount of time it takes to 
> complete all the extra queries for the NSDNAME checks.

NSDNAME or both NSDNAME and NSIP?  If both, then why not turn off
NSIP checks?

If only NSDNAME, then I don't understand.  Getting A and AAAA records
for a bunch of NS names to do NSIP checks can take a lot of time, but
with the default setting of 1 for min-ns-dots, why does it take too
much time to do only NSDNAME checks for a domain like banque-france.org?
Have you overridden the default value for min-ns-dots?

> these issues they seem to fit into 2 groups. 

>         1.   DNS zones with "slightly" broken infrastructure.  These would 

>         2.  DNS zones with a large number of NS records and the name 
> servers have FQDN's in several different DNS zones. I found some where the 

>      Is there a RPZ log event that says "It took over (X) seconds to 
> complete this query because of RPZ"?  Basically, I got a good answer back 
> for the 'real' query but I did not provide it to the client within X 
> seconds because the RPZ check was still ongoing. 

No, but I think that by turning on enough debugging logging and then
crunching it, one could synthezise such log events.

>                                                   I can imagine there 
> would be a huge amount of noise in those messages but they could 
> conceivably be acted on before the client calls with an issue.

What action would be taken after such a log event?  Answering the
request including doing the RPZ checks would still have taken too long.
Distinguishing Group #1 (broken infrastructure) from Group #2 (lots
distributed NS RRs) would requirea lot of processing and perhaps human
work.  Is the idea to have a good story to tell clients when they call?
Or to add to a local RPZ whitelist?

Would be be effective to sift SMTP and perhaps HTTP server logs for
customer and provider domains to build a private RPZ whitelist?

Vernon Schryver    vjs at rhyolite.com

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