[DNSfirewalls] something new in dns firewalls: microsoft dns policy filtering

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Tue May 19 23:09:35 UTC 2015

<< DNS policies is a new feature in the DNS server role of Windows
Server 2016 Technical Preview – not to be confused with group policies
of the AD fame. You can create DNS policies on the DNS server to control
how a DNS Server handles queries based on different parameters. In the
previous blogs, we discussed how to achieve traffic management and
deploying split-brain DNS using DNS policies. Here we are going to
discuss another important scenario where DNS policies can be used to
create query filters based on certain criteria. One of the example of
such filters are DNS black holes for known malicious domains. Another
example is to create a whitelist to allow only a specific set of clients
to resolve certain names. The filters can be created with any logical
combination (AND/OR/NOT) of the following criteria. >>


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