[DNSfirewalls] Offlabel use: suppressing backscatter and leakage, tracking misbehaving devices

Vadim Pavlov pvm_job at mail.ru
Tue Nov 19 05:56:18 UTC 2019

I’m doing that in my home network for a while already. I do not want my DNS requests to be sent to the Comcast’s DNS servers :) 

> On Nov 18, 2019, at 16:57, Paul Vixie <paul at redbarn.org> wrote:
> fred, this is brilliant. i've long wished that postfix (the smtp server) would call res_query rather than res_search, but this is a "wontfix" due to portability concerns. solving this with RPZ is a brilliant idea and i hope you will blog it somewhere so that dnsrpz.info can link to it. --paul
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