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Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Mar 15 18:33:30 UTC 2021

there's work afoot to support rpz triggers and actions as part of 'dnstap'.
this was an active area of research for april lorenzen when rpz first came
out, but using the name server's text-format log files made her path rocky.
i'm very much hoping that the telemetry features described below will unlock
a massive wave of innovation over what should be done about an rpz "hit".



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Subject: [dnstap] (PR) Adding response policy information in dnstap


A pull request for the response policy information field and
type proposed last month is up for review, at:


Feedback, questions, and requests for changes, clarifications,
or edits are welcome, either on the PR or via this mailing list.

If there are no objections, requests for more time to
review, or requests for substantive changes requiring
further discussion before this Friday (3/19, UTC-05:00),
I will merge the change.

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