[ratelimits] Problem with the 983 rate limiting patch

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jun 11 18:19:38 UTC 2012


We are very interested in the rate limiting patch, as we are currently
under attack, but I am having a little trouble with the patch bundle
from http://ss.vix.com/~vixie/rrl-983.patch (we are running 9.8.3-P1
on our nameservers), as it seems not to contain a copy of dns/rrl.h.
Would it be correct to just copy it out of the 991 bundle?

Chris Thompson               University of Cambridge Computing Service,
Email: cet1 at ucs.cam.ac.uk    New Museums Site, Cambridge CB2 3QH,
Phone: +44 1223 334715       United Kingdom.

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