[ratelimits] How to validate the use of RRL?

Feng He fenghe at nsbeta.info
Wed Nov 7 06:10:26 UTC 2012


I have setup the RRL in my BIND. 
BIND version: 9.8.4
OS version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.7
Both BIND and the patch are compiled from the source.

Now I put the config statement in named.conf:

      rate-limit {
          responses-per-second 25;
          window 5;

In the global options { }.
Thus run "rndc reload", works fine.

Now I run this command many times:

for i in `seq 0 9`;do dig @localhost +short +tries=1 +time=1 dnsbed.com a;done

But it just works fine as no-rrl, I didn't see any exception. Why?

OK my nameserver is ns1.cloudwebdns.com
Please help check, thanks.

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