[ratelimits] RRL patches for 9.8.4 and 9.9.2

paul vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Oct 22 18:29:12 UTC 2012

at <http://www.redbarn.org/dns/ratelimits> there are now patches for
BIND9 9.8.4 and 9.9.2. we are also announcing a new knob, described as

 UDP responses of all kinds can be limited with the all-per-second
 phrase. This rate limiting is similar to the rate limiting offered
 by firewalls. When performed in a DNS server it is inferior to the
 other rate-limit forms, because it ignores the contents of responses
 to a block of IP addresses. The rate limiting provided by
 responses-per-second, errors-per-second, and nxdomains-per-second
 on a DNS server is often invisible to the victim of a DNS reflection
 attack. Unless the forged requests of the attack are the same as
 the legitimate requests of the victim, the victim's requests are
 not affected. A all-per-second limit must be at least 4 times as
 large as the other limits, because single DNS clients often send
 bursts of legitimate requests. For example, the receipt of a single
 mail message can prompt requests from an SMTP server for NS, PTR,
 A, and AAAA records as the incoming SMTP/TCP/IP connection is
 considered. The SMTP server can need additional NS, A, AAAA, MX,
 TXT, and SPF records as it considers the STMP Mail From command.

paul and vernon

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