[ratelimits] rpz add_nm Warnings

Vernon Schryver vjs at rhyolite.com
Tue Aug 27 14:49:32 UTC 2013

> Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 20:25:46 +0200
> From: Thomas Leuxner <tlx at leuxner.net>

> > I wonder if the zone in your instance of BIND is corrupt.  What happens
> > if you stop BIND, delete the zone and journal files, and restart BIND?
> I did as suggested now. Alas after a while the 'bits already set' messages return.

After switching from a new version (I think it was 9.9.4)
I've been running with 

    BIND 9.9.3-rpz2+rl.13214.22-P2 (Extended Support Version) <id:d8a6fe8b> built with '--sysconfdir=/etc/namedb' '--prefix=/usr' '--enable-rrl' 'CFLAGS=-g'
    using OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 0.9.8q 2 Dec 2010
    using libxml2 version: 2.7.8

for 1.5 days and still see no messages 'bits already set' messages.
I'm getting transfers:

    27-Aug-2013 14:42:50.639 xfer-in: info: transfer of 'rpz.spamhaus.org/IN/insiders' from Transfer completed: 1 messages, 192 records, 4117 bytes, 0.211 secs (19511 bytes/sec)

No one else has reported the messages, so there must be something 
different in your installation.

  - what hardware and system are you using?

  - have you installed any other patches or changes to BIND?

  - are there any other clues?

Vernon Schryver    vjs at rhyolite.com

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