[ratelimits] new RRL patch

Feng He fenghe at nsbeta.info
Sun Jan 6 03:56:36 UTC 2013

于 2013-1-6 11:39, Paul Vixie 写道:
> perhaps you would be willing to share your named.conf file here, and
> explain the change in behaviour you saw when you first began to use RRL?

I in fact used the default config from your site.
This is the global option in my slave NS1:

options {
       directory "/var/cache/bind";
       recursion no;
       zone-statistics no;
       allow-transfer { none; };
       notify no;

      rate-limit {
         responses-per-second 5;
         window 5;

$ sbin/named -v
BIND 9.9.2-rpz+rl005.12-P1

You can test that: dig dnsbed.com @ns1.cloudwebdns.com
I saw some RRL log items in /var/log/daemon.log (the system is Debian).
But I am not sure what's good and what's bad with those.


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