[ratelimits] one more on FreeBSD and new RRL patch

Vernon Schryver vjs at rhyolite.com
Tue Jan 8 19:40:47 UTC 2013

> From: Mark Boolootian <booloo at ucsc.edu>

> It wasn't clear to me from the "new RRL patch includes RPZ patches"
> thread whether the new patch was going to make into ports or not.
> Does the RRL/RPZ patch merge mean the end-of-the-line for RRL patch
> updates in ports?  I'd hope not, but I can appreciate the challenges
> on both sides of the issue...

Note first that I speak for only myself, and not ISC, Paul Vixie,
FreeBSD, or anyone else.

I predict that what Paul Vixie and I will do is coordinate our release
of six (6) more patches, and then release ten (10) patches for some
future of BIND9 versions.  I will write a bunch of words for the release
notes with plenty of bold and maybe some red foreground cautioning
against mixing the separate patches.  The RRL and RPZ mailing lists
will have complaints from people trying to use new RRL and new RPZ and
discovering that the separate patches stomp on each other.

Other than the warnings and cautions in the release notes, coordinating
with Paul Vixie, and dealing with or ignoring those mailing list
complaints, I won't have any extra work.  I already have all 10
patches as safeguards against other potential kerfuffles.

I make no predictions about what FreeBSD will do.

What could have happened is that FreeBSD could continue using the
rl-9.9.2-P1.patch and rl-9.8.4-P1.patch files with the same URLs in
the new ports Makefiles for as long as 9.9.2-P1 and 9.8.4-P1 are blessed
by FreeBSD.  Because FreeBSD uses gcc and int bit fields are signed,
no one would notice the absense of the fix for the new RRL bug on
Solaris reported by Irwin Tillman.  After the next BIND9 releases
appeared and FreeBSD decided to bless them, FreeBSD could have grumbled
about possible undiscovered new RPZ bugs, switched from the old
rl*-P1.patch files to the less aggressive rpz+rl.*.patch files for
those next BIND releases.  Probably no one would have noticed that
some RPZ changes appeared with the RRL patch.

Vernon Schryver    vjs at rhyolite.com

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