[ratelimits] Referrals incorrectly limited.

john jbond at ripe.net
Wed Jan 9 21:24:37 UTC 2013

On 1/9/13 10:16 PM, Gilles Massen wrote:

> Everything is about the definition of abusive and where you set the bar
> for taking action. Much like the RIPE NCC we are running a delegation
> centric zone, and I like to think that we are operating it for the
> benefit of the larger Internet. As such I do not want to slow down any
> traffic unless it is causing real problems either to our operations or
> someone else's. I do not want to block or even hinder queries, even if I
> disapprove of them - and I will chose 'innocent until proven guilty'
> anytime over fast action. Besides I will not be judge over the
> *intentions* of a set of queries. So for us rate limitation should only
> be a protection, not a tool for educating stupid clients. As a result
> the referral limitation is also a problem for us.
Thanks Gilles, for conveying this more elegantly than me

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