[ratelimits] results of responses/sec, slip and window size settings

Gergely Bácskai mor.mango at gmail.com
Fri May 10 12:39:25 UTC 2013


I have a very similar question to Jake (

I set the RRL's window size to 5, responses-per-second to 5, and just for
sure, slip to 2.

I have sent 1000 queries to the server with the queryperf script.

The results are:
1000 queries, runtime: 131,8 sec, -->7.58 queries/sec
~50% success  ->3.8 successful queries/sec

My two questions are:
-how does the window size=5 affect in this example? (I've tried it with
window=1, and got almost the same results, 57% success...)

-Shouldn't it act like:
"I have 1000 queries, 131.8 sec runtime, so because of the
responses-per-sec=5, every second it should be at first 5 successful
queries -->5x131.8=659 successful queries at all minimum.
But because of the slip=2, every second query of the rest 1000-659=341
(about 170 queries) should be also successful.
So at all, it should be 170+659=859 successful queries out of 1000?"
...And I don't even know how to count the window=5 for this....

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