[ratelimits] Logging category

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri May 10 14:49:41 UTC 2013

On May 9 2013, Phil Mayers wrote:

>On 09/05/13 15:22, Vernon Schryver wrote:
>> If the external scripting language cannot ignore irrelevant data
>> at speed, then for my own systems I'd try `sed`, `grep`, or `awk`
>> before trying to get BIND modified.
>I'm not trying to get it modified; I'm trying to determine whether I 
>need to do my own filtering or not, or whether the long-term plan was to 
>have their own logging category.

What's [even] more annoying than the rate-limiting messages written with
the "queries" category is that it doesn't respect the "querylog" switch
while doing so.

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