[ratelimits] Logging category

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri May 10 20:49:47 UTC 2013

On May 10 2013, Vernon Schryver wrote:

>> From: Chris Thompson <cet1 at cam.ac.uk>
>> What's [even] more annoying than the rate-limiting messages written with
>> the "queries" category is that it doesn't respect the "querylog" switch
>> while doing so.
>What version are you using whether `rndc querylog off` does not
>turn off the rate limiting messages in the "queries" category?
>I hope that versions of the RRL patch released since October of
>last year do respect the "querylog" switch for messages in the
>"queries" category.

Ah - you have caught me out there. Yes, we are using a pre-Oct2012
version of the patch, due to the fact that we are stuck on BIND
9.8.3-P4, avoiding 9.8.4*, and waiting for 9.8.5 (or 9.9.3). The
reasons for that are not RRL-related.

I will look forward to the improvements.

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