[ratelimits] rate limit stats counting of truncated and slipped.

MURTARI, JOHN jm5903 at att.com
Fri May 24 12:44:37 UTC 2013


                After doing some testing, had a question on the following from the BIND manual:

                "Responses dropped by rate limits are included in the RateDropped and QryDropped statistics. Responses
that truncated by rate limits are included in RateSlipped and RespTruncated."

            I was comparing named.stats contents from servers which don't have the rate-limit patch and our test servers.

            Our rate-limit options:    responses-per-second 20; log-only no; slip 2; window 15;

Launched some attack scenarios and noticed three new counts (RateDropped/RespTruncated/QryDropped) appeared in the stats:

                 315 responses dropped for rate limits
                 358 responses truncated for rate limits
                 315 queries dropped

                Didn't see any 'slipped' numbers?  Something else we should check/configure?

                We are concerned about server CPU loading and noted some prior discussion on the topic.  Hope to contribute some test results later.

                Thanks for the help!

John Murtari <jm5903 at att.com<mailto:jm5903 at att.com>>
C2-2A25 Middletown, NJ

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