[ratelimits] rpz.c Assertion

Thomas Leuxner tlx at leuxner.net
Sun Sep 29 18:18:34 UTC 2013


Bind 9.9.3-rpz2+rl.13214.22-P2 died today after transferring the 'rpz.spamhaus.org' zone.

Sep 29 14:11:54 spectre named[30094]: transfer of 'rpz.spamhaus.org/IN/internal' from Transfer completed: 494 messages, 693492 records, 16067584 bytes, 157.392 secs (102086 bytes/sec)
Sep 29 14:11:55 spectre named[30094]: rpz.c:460: REQUIRE(*cnt > 0) failed
Sep 29 14:11:55 spectre named[30094]: exiting (due to assertion failure)

The only way to mitigate the situation was deleting the local copy and journal. I have preserved the files that caused the assertion. Not sure this is related to my previous observation:


My version is built from Debian sources FWIW:


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