[RPZ] RPZ as a malware detection tool

Simon Forster simon-lists at ldml.com
Mon Dec 10 13:27:06 UTC 2012

On 10 Dec 2012, at 13:04, Hugo Maxwell Connery <hmco at env.dtu.dk> wrote:

> I last mailed to this list many months ago.  Since then I have
> implemented RPZ with data provided by Spamhaus and now have
> several months of real data from both caching resolvers and a 
> walled garden (i.e we use a CNAME redirect as RPZ policy).

FWIW, I've been working on RPZ from within Spamhaus and have been in regular communications with Hugo to encourage his research. I hope to get a couple of presentation opportunities lined up for Hugo to talk about his research next year. However, if anyone on this list would like to join in to help with peer review of Hugo's work and generally start to build some community around all this, I think that'd be a good thing.

Ideas on an email to...




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