[RPZ] Wikipedia page; RPZLA progress

Hugo Maxwell Connery hmco at env.dtu.dk
Thu Sep 6 13:12:53 UTC 2012


My organisation is about to begin using RPZ, about which
I am rather excited.  I have received excellent support from
Spamhaus and wish to commend them for their efforts.

Work is ongoing on the RPZ Log Analysis project at github.

I have created an initial page for RPZ at Wikipedia.  Please
let me know (or directly edit) if I have misrepresented anything.


A little more information on the process of the IETF/RFC draft
would be useful.  I could only find the ISC-TN-2010-1-B3 draft
document (as referenced in the wikipedia article).

Happy RPZ'ing.

Hugo Connery, Head of IT, DTU Environment

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