[ratelimits] new version of dns rrl patches for bind9, 28-jan-2013

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Sat Feb 2 23:31:57 UTC 2013

see <http://www.redbarn.org/dns/ratelimits> for details. release notes,

  * Since the previous version of these patches,
      o A serious Multiple Zone Response Policy Zone (RPZ2
        <http://ss.vix.su/%7Evjs/rrlrpz.html#rpz2>) Speed Improvement
        bug has been fixed.
      o `./configure --enable-rpz-nsip --enable-rpz-nsdname` is now the
      o Responses affected by the |all-per-second| parameter are always
        dropped. The |slip| value has no effect on them.
      o There are improved log messages for responses that are dropped
        or "slipped," because they would require an excessive identical

 paul (for vernon)

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