[ratelimits] can't trigger rate-limit

Vernon Schryver vjs at rhyolite.com
Wed Jan 2 23:52:14 UTC 2013

> From: Irwin Tillman <irwin at princeton.edu>

> 02-Jan-2013 10:43:33.359 rrl age=0  responses=16777215

> 02-Jan-2013 10:43:33.456 rrl age=0  responses=16777214

> 02-Jan-2013 10:43:33.458 rrl age=0  responses=16777213

Those lines should be

02-Jan-2013 10:43:33.359 rrl age=0  responses=-1
02-Jan-2013 10:43:33.456 rrl age=0  responses=-2
02-Jan-2013 10:43:33.458 rrl age=0  responses=-3

I hope the following patch fixes it.  It should be applied in the
top of the source tree in the same directory as the main RRL patch.

Thanks for the information,
Vernon Schryver    vjs at rhyolite.com

diff --git lib/dns/include/dns/rrl.h b/lib/dns/include/dns/rrl.h
index e3b0d76..3059399 100644
--- lib/dns/include/dns/rrl.h
+++ lib/dns/include/dns/rrl.h
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ struct dns_rrl_entry {
 	ISC_LINK(dns_rrl_entry_t) hlink;
 	dns_rrl_key_t	key;
-	int		responses   :DNS_RRL_RESPONSE_BITS;
+	signed int	responses   :DNS_RRL_RESPONSE_BITS;
 	isc_boolean_t	logged	    :1;
 	unsigned int	log_qname   :DNS_RRL_QNAMES_BITS;

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