[ratelimits] new RRL patch includes RPZ patches

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Tue Jan 8 14:56:22 UTC 2013


+--On 8 janvier 2013 09:29:49 +0400 Logan <logan at afrinic.net> wrote:
| Hi erwin, we use freebsd here, and we would really like to see a knob in
| the makefile, even if it's not shipped with the official release yet. It
| would makes things cleaner.

As Erwin said, he added the RRL patch to the bind98 and bind99 ports, which
I'm so grateful he did, I won't have to think about it again when upgrading

On the topic at hand though, I don't use RPZ, mainly because I did not know
about, and I now that I do, I know I won't need it.
I understand that it may be a pain to maintain separate patches, but if the
RPZ patch changes the stock RPZ functionnality, people using the stock RPZ
and needing the RRL patch would be at loss.


Mathieu Arnold

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